Danielle Helen Ray Dickson was born in Yellowknife, NT where she lived for the first 22 years of her life.

The NORTH is where her deep love for the outdoors and nature began. She would spend many winter nights outside watching the northern lights and her days dog sledding with a childhood friend or nature walking. Summers were spent swimming in the lake outside her house or again nature exploring until she was called home as the sun never goes down in the land of the MIDNIGHT sun.  

Danielle moved to British Columbia as a young adult and deepened her love of nature through exploring old growth forests, the ocean, and hiking mountains.

She moved to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo, BC) in 2010 and fell in love with the majestic beauty and outdoor experiences that the Island has to offer. She has a sweet little home studio space in which she currently focuses on painting, drawing and digital art making. 

“I am drawn to the inherent beauty and spirit of the natural world. My artwork is a personal dialogue that reaches through the chaos and spirit of that spirit. Through both imagery and medium I create dreamscapes, a collection from the journey we call LIFE that speaks to life cycles, evolution, growth, loss, dreams and the passage of time itself.

My artwork speakz to our universal interconnection as we reflect like mirrors. A reflection of shadow and light, chaos and beauty, lived experience and ancient divinity.

Each piece is a journey into the subconscious towards the conscious creating a bridge between two worlds, the seen and the unseen. My artwork aims to reveal the beautiful melancholy and fragile imperfectly perfect experience of life.

My artistic purpose is to inspire reflection. Within the process of creation I experience stillness and flow, my true voice and inner fire, a journey and new experience. I consider art to have the power to change lives, heal people, unite them and shed light on the world in a new way. I infuse this into each intentional line, brush stroke or word.”

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